Project Structure

The layout of your API
Project Structure
  • Certs
    • Your public / private keypair for generating JWT tokens
  • Connections
    • This holds your database connection as well as an S3 connection (if you need one)
  • Controllers
    • Each top level model (table) has its own folder.
REST API Controllers
  • Middleware
    • This is the middleware to decrypt auth tokens, and do whatever else you need.
    • There is a file called hook.js where you can put whatever you want in there. It's already wired up to get called by each api
  • Models
    • These are your database models
  • Routes
    • These are your api routes. There is one file per database model
  • Test
    • These hold simple tests for your API
  • Utils
    • There are a few utility functions in here including some nifty CRUD operations on S3 objects
      • You can use S3, Wasabi, Minio, or any other S3 api
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